Decentralized Ledger Technology

The FlatStone Decentralized Ledger Technology (“DLT) DLT Capital Markets Advisory is part of the Digital Transformation (“FSDX“) advisory service implemented by FlatStone Trading Xchange (FSTX). The FSTX platform provides a turnkey process for Asset Digitization enabling companies to issue DLT financial instruments via FSDX Corporate Finance.



The platform is designed to solve the core challenges of regulatory compliance related to the creation, sale (issuance) on the primary market, and resale on the secondary market for DLT financial instruments.

Decentralized ledgers provide a secure record of ownership and automated reconciliation of asset transactions providing transparency, and data reporting for regulatory compliance ensuring market integrity.

Issuers can benefit from completing an Security Token Offering (STO) which can access capital from a global pool of institutional investors seeking digital financial instruments.