DLT Green Finance

Energy Digital Transformation & Green Finance

FlatStone solutions for the energy sector address areas of opportunity across the value chain. From the digital transformation of the physical infrastructure to the business logic to the process and assets for digital structuring into tradeable instruments.

Our FlatStone Security Token (F-STO) in the form of Debt Capital Markets (DCM) is the ideal financial instrument to fund capital expenditure (CAPEX) for energy transition projects, renewables, and sustainable finance.  Some of the projects we support include:

  • Development of Sustainable Real Estate;
  • Power Generation Natural Gas & Biomass;
  • Portfolios of Solar, Tidal & Wind power; and
  • P3’s Utility transformation water & power.

FlatStone partnership with the Carbon Trust enables us to certify our Debt Capital Markets (DCM) instruments as carbon neutral.

FlatStone intends to issue DLT Green-Bonds and carbon trading schemes to finance sustainable development projects qualifying for inclusion in institutional portfolios and ESG indexes. If you are an Island state or small-to-medium utility seeking to fund the development of decentralized power generation grids please contact us.