Security Token Offering (STO)


The FlatStone Security Token Offering (“STO“) process is currently implemented using the r3 Corda a Decentralized Ledger Technology (“DLT” or Blockchain) on the FlatStone Trident Exchange (FSTX) an Alternative Trading System (ATS) platform.

The FSTX platform provides a structured automated business process to digitize assets enabling licensed intermediaries to complete a regulated crowdfunding raising capital from a global pool of investors. FlatStone STO (FSTO) process is compliant with regulatory requirements for AML & KYC legislation, data privacy and Capital Markets integrity rules.

FSTO smart business logic executes regulatory-compliant process – corporate finance – automating the primary issuance and secondary trading of Security Tokens. Our proprietary security token protocol provides unprecedented real-time transparency across the value chain automating enterprise risk management within the DLT Capital Markets.

The FlatStone STO advisory is part of our Digital Transformation (“DX“) suite geared to generate savings in time and money for the issuance of digital assets from White listed jurisdictions such across Europe, North America and the Caribbean.

For more information about the Security Token Offering for your company or clients please contact us.